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Pegasus Solar: Save Hours on Roof Mounts with the Pegasus Rail System

Looking for the perfect rail for solar roof mount systems? Pegasus Solar is the best solar panel racking system. Installers save hours on the roof with Pegasus and homeowners maximize their investment in solar. A few of the key things we love about Pegasus include tool-free splicing, lifetime wire management, one clamp as the mid- and end-clamp, one ground lug per array, and instant bonding panel-to-panel and row-to-row. At the risk of sounding like a cliché salesman, that's not all. 

GoodWe: Reliable, Quality Inverters and Energy Storage Solutions

We're excited to announce that GoodWe is now part of our power products line-up. GoodWe is the...

What Homeowners Need to Know About the Inflation Reduction Act

Homeowners may qualify for energy rebates and tax credits on home electrification projects like...

Heat Pumps, Solar, and Storage: How We're Approaching 2022

In January of 2021, we started Supplied Energy with two guiding principles:

The Guide to Energy-Efficient Homes and Buildings

Advances in technology, clean energy financing, and a better understanding of how energy-efficient...

How to Make Your Home All-Electric

A mixed-fuel home, which is one with both electric and fossil fuel systems, often relies on gas,...