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Comfortably Heat and Cool Your Home or Building with Samsung

Heat and cool your garage, sunroom, mancave, she shed, attic, or other small space for almost free. Sounds too good to be true, right? If you live in Illinois and have a residential electric account with Ameren, it's not. Through Ameren Illinois' Instant Incentives Program, you can get as much as $700 off qualified equipment costs. When you're installing Products supplied by Supplied Energy, we process the project with Ameren so you receive this rebate at the time of purchase. And even if you're not an Ameren Illinois customer, Samsung's ductless mini-splits are a great solution for efficient home and building comfort.


What Makes Samsung Air-Source Heat Pumps Great?


Flexible Installation Options: With one outdoor unit, homes and buildings can have one to four indoor modules without requiring additional parts or installation requirements. The outdoor unit we usually recommend allows you to set the temperature for individual rooms or zones so you can heat and cool each space as you need to without wasting energy. If you only need conditioning for one smaller space, there's a solution for that, too.

Say No to Cold Drafts: Samsung's WindFree™ Cooling technology delivers air through micro holes in the indoor unit, resulting in a gentle flow of air defined as "still air." This air distribution method eliminated cold drafts and reduces energy use. Living in an area where you utilize cooling and heating? Pair the indoor unit with the Max Heat system to provide 100% heating performance at 5°F with high heating output still at -13°F outdoor temperatures. The compatible WindFree™ indoor unit and Max Heat® outdoor unit make Samsung mini-split comfort and performance stand out from other mini-split options.

Complete Control From Anywhere: The WindFree™ unit comes with built-in WiFi, allowing for voice control and monitoring from anywhere with an internet connection as long as you've got Samsung's SmartThings app. Through the app, owners can control temperature, adjust settings, and receive updates about performance and daily energy usage. It also allows for a contractor to troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed before even having to come on-site.

Service Enhancements: On certain Samsung mini-splits, keeping the unit clean allows users to maintain optimal performance by simply pushing a button. The system can then automatically remove dirt and debris. Samsung systems typically include more interlocking components to reduce the time and effort it takes to install and service the unit when needed. 

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Rebate Highlights for Residential Ameren Illinois Customers

Here's all we need to get your Ameren Illinois instant rebate processed and approved:

  • Project Name
  • Installing Company Name
  • Homeowner First and Last Name
  • Homeowner Phone Number and Email
  • Ameren Residential Electric Account Number
  • Number of Ductless Systems Being Installed at Address (maximum for rebate is two – not just one!)
  • Date of Projected Installation (doesn't have to be exact)

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