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Connecting the Grid at Whisper Valley, an EcoSmart Development

Austin, TX

Project Details:

Construction Type: New Construction

Energy-Efficient Technologies Used:

  • Geothermal
  • Solar
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Energy Monitoring

Supplied Energy Involvement: GeoGrid Ground Loop Tie-Ins and District Loop Installation


Project Description

Whisper Valley, developed with EcoSmart Solution, is a master-plan community that offers an affordable, zero-energy capable living environment. As a green energy services provider focused in cutting-edge geothermal infrastructure, EcoSmart Solution's vision and capabilities are clearly demonstrated at Whisper Valley. With 2,000+ acres of residential neighborhoods using renewable technologies like geothermal heat pumps and solar PV systems, Whisper Valley “joins the genius of Man and Nature like no other place.” These homes make energy-efficient, clean-energy solutions easily accessible. With neighborhood amenities like community gardens, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, and a 600-acre park, Whisper Valley is a place for all ages and lifestyles.

Installation Details


With a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of 25 or less, Whisper Valley homes are 75% – 80% more energy efficient than standard homes. This allows homeowners to experience an average of $1,250+ per year in utility savings, depending on personal energy behaviors.





  • Buffington Homes
  • GFO Homes
  • Home by Avi
  • Pacesetter Homes
  • AHA Dream Homes
  • Thurman Homes

Whisper Valley is the largest project Geo-Enterprises (now under the Supplied Energy umbrella) has ever done. At the start of this project, Phil Schoen, Geo-Enterprises founder, and the Geo-Enterprises team, were selected as the prime contractor for integrating a district approach to geothermal. Schoen and team have been responsible for complete review of all engineer and design work and executing the tie-in from the district loop to each home.

Some innovations Geo-Enterprises was directly responsible for include the energy center. With the help of professional engineering teams, Geo-Enterprises developed very efficient pumping stations that have variable-speed. Geo-Enterprises also developed unique connection systems that allow each home's smaller ground loop to stay independent of the district loop. So, if the district loop would have any issues, homes can continue to experience comfortable heating and cooling until the district loop is back to full function. Since Whisper Valley primarily uses cooling due to its geographic location, Geo-Enterprises integrated waste heat recovery on water heating through heat pump desuperheater circuits. This supplements the need for using other forms of energy to create hot water.

Due to the initial and ongoing success of this project, Schoen continues to oversee and manage the district loop on subsequent phases. And now, Supplied Energy is increasing its involvement in ground loop tie-ins, district loop installation, and in-home geothermal and hot water heating management.


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