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Bringing Geothermal to Beijing National Stadium

Beijing, China

Project Details:

Construction Type: New Construction

Energy-Efficient Technologies Used:

  • Geothermal
  • Solar

Supplied Energy Involvement: Geo-Enterprises (now under the Supplied Energy umbrella) founder, Phil Schoen, provided expertise and training


Project Description

Installation Details

Phil Schoen, founder of Geo-Enterprises (now under the Supplied Energy umbrella), provided expertise and training to the Chinese, working alongside engineers on-site in Beijing as the geothermal system was installed. To help the installation go well and encourage ongoing adoption of geothermal in China, Phil conducted a training seminar in Beijing where almost 70 Chinese companies attended. This was sponsored by the IGSHPA Chinese chapter with two or three ministers of construction from the government in attendance.

So, how exactly does a massive structure like this work with geothermal heat pumps? The ground loop field is made up of 104 holes drilled to depths of 250 to 300 feet, and it sits directly underneath the football field within the stadium. The stadium was constructed with green energy in mind. To even come close to meeting standards associated with green energy, the HVAC system must be environmentally and sustainably conscious, which made geothermal the perfect solution.


40% savings on electricity to power the heating and cooling system

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